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Plune flavor
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[Health note]
The people who is worried about lack of iron or poor intake of vegetables, women, and growing.
Supplement facts
Per 1chewable tablet
Glucose, sugar, Maltitol, prune juice powder, Dextrin, ferric pyrophosphate, Glycerin-fatty acid ester , citric acid, flavor
* It is not true that this products cure disease and get better by exceeding directed intake. Take only as directed.
* This product is different from food for specified health uses, this product is not examined by Secretary-General of Consumer Affairs Agency.

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It is an ideal to take the necessary nutrient from a well‐balanced daily diet for health. It is getting hard to take enough nutrients only from a diet by the change of living environment and dietary habits. We are based on such present conditions and recommend a supplement as a supporting role to the last.
* Vitamin & Mineral
Basic nutrient supply, This is the series to supply a nutrient lacking in meals, the daily nutrient intake recommendation quantity that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare sets